Why do people quit? How can I be successful with diet and fitness?


The most common questions I get are:

  • Where do I even start? 
  • How can I keep the motivation to keep going? 
  • How do I keep from quitting?

All of us start a diet or exercise routine with the best intentions.  We want to change our life.  We want to live our best life.  We all want to be happy and confident, and a better body helps us do that.

So, let’s first look at why we quit.  When we break it all down there are really three key reasons that we quit diet and exercise programs:

  • Too Hard: most exercise programs are design by “in shape” experts.  The exercises are easy for them to accomplish…too easy.  I know, I get it, I used to be that same expert, trying to get out-of-shape people to follow my routines.  That only leads to failure.  Exercise routines need to be at the appropriate level of fitness for you.  If they are too hard you will quit.  Ever see that big, fat guy running down the street in sweats, usually on January 1st, trying to drop a few pounds?  That was me.  Ever see the same person twice?  To be successful, you need exercise routines that are going to slowly build your body to where you can do strenuous exercise.  If you try and go to fast, or too hard, you will quit.


  • Too Complicated: for diets, have you ever tried to read the food labels, or all that rich food composition data that comes out of diet and fitness apps? What does it all mean?  More importantly, how does it apply to my meal today, right now?  What food do I need to eat to maintain a healthy, balanced diet?  Don’t get me wrong, all that data is great.  But, we need more relevant information to be able to quickly and easily put together a menu for right now, today, this week!  Can someone just tell me what kind of food I should eat for lunch today?  I don’t need to know every gram or every molecule of the food.  Simple is good.  Over-complicate it and you’ll quit.


  • Too Time-Consuming: We quit because we don’t have the time.  If it gets over-complicated, like a confusing diet, we may try to figure it out today, but we won’t sustain that level of effort for very long because we don’t have the time in our very busy lives. Running to the gym takes time to get there, time to exercise, time to shower and get back to work or home.  I never have that kind of time.  We need programs that work into our busy lives, not busy lives that have to cram in another time-consuming task.

To dramatically increase your chance at maintaining a diet or exercise program, and NOT QUIT, you need to:

  • Keep it easy, at your level of fitness.
  • Keep it simple so it doesn’t take major brain cells to figure out.
  • Keep it short and you’ll increase your likelihood of establishing a routine for prolonged success!

Follow these three tips and you dramatically increase your chance for success in a diet and fitness program. 

There is a ton of free information on the internet.  You can find workout videos, a list of good foods to eat, and many, many articles on how to exercise or how to lose weight.  You can take hours and days to peruse this mountain of free information.  The challenge is weeding through so much of the conflicting information.  Some articles will tell you one thing and the next article will tell you the opposite.  So confusing and an information overload!

At fit50forlife.com we provide you with:

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For your mind, body and spirit, the Fit50 weight loss and fitness program is created for people over 50, or those leading a sedentary lifestyle, by an over 50 “recovering” fitness junkie that had to climb that same mountain you’re trying to climb.


Gregory James is an author, leadership and wellness expert, helping people to live their best life.

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